About Us


Here at MAXXTUFF, we do one thing: build rugged, engineered solutions for problems you never knew existed. Whether it’s outfitting your tractor with tool holders or designing a better tomato cage, we go the extra mile to ensure MAXXTUFF products are equally practical and durable. We believe in learning from failures because we understand the road to perfection is often a bumpy one. That’s why our engineers and designers obsess over getting products just right. After all, you deserve a product that works just as hard as you. 


MAXXTUFF is a company built from hobbies. Our founders, Ron and Johnny Woller, constantly saw problems in their everyday life out in the woods, on the water or at the farm. With years of engineering experience under their belts, they naturally wanted to produce products that solved these problems -- but only if the products were reliable and built tough-as-nails. Here marks the beginning of what was originally known as RJ Designs. One of their first ideas was to maximize use of the empty space along the ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) bar on their tractor. Johnny noted, “You’ve got all that empty space, we gotta do something with that,” and there sparked the development of the ROPS Tool and Chain Holder, a product made to keep all your necessary tools out of the way, yet still within an arm’s length. From there the brothers developed several other products and eventually realized RJ Designs needed a rebranding. And so, MAXXTUFF was born.


Whether you are out plowing a field, hauling logs, or digging in your garden, we want to make the hard days easy and the easy days even better. Problem solving is the foundation our company is built on. Looking forward as we continue to expand our reach into the farming, gardening, and land management categories, we are excited to broaden our scope into the marine and lifestyle categories. Building off the current innovations, we promise to deliver the same shared family values along with genuine customer attention which MAXXTUFF was founded upon. We make it our goal to continuously produce products solving problems you didn’t even know you had.