Heavy-Duty 3-Point Log Skidder Deluxe With Chain and Bonus 2” Receiver Hitch

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  • HAUL LOGS WITH EASE – The MAXXTUFF Heavy Duty 3-Point Log Skidder Deluxe makes hauling felled trees and logs a simple task. The patented design suspends logs using your tractor’s 3-point attachment, reducing unwanted drag for safe transport behind your tractor.  
  • ALL INCLUDED - The MAXXTUFF Heavy Duty 3-Point Log Skidder Deluxe includes everything you need for Cat 0-1 3-point hitch. 2” Receiver hitch, 10' Grade 70 5/16" chain with grab hook and all lower and top link pins (including lynchpins) are included with purchase. Note: Not compatible with Quick Hitch systems; designed exclusively for 3-point attachment. 
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO - This product was designed to withstand heavy use. It comes with 2-year warranty that covers everything except cosmetic damage.
  • STRONG BUT LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing only 46lbs and 22in tall, the MAXXTUFF Heavy Duty Skidders are powder coated for durability and the supplied chain and hooks are galvanized. Tube size is 2.5" x 1/8" Wall.
  • BONUS HITCH RECEIVER - The receiver hitch adapter found on the MAXXTUFF 3-Point Log Skidder Deluxe is equivalent to a Class III 2” square receiver hitch found on most full-size SUV’s and 1500 class pickups.  Since it is a tractor hitch mounted device, it can haul any trailer within the max trailer and tongue weight limits of your tractor.
  • MINIMAL ASSEMBLY - This skidder makes moving logs easy with your tractor and installation can be done by one person! Snap just a few pins into their respected places and within 10 minutes, your Log Skidder is ready for operation. Front weights required/recommended if your tractor's capacity is not high enough for large logs.
  • DIMENSIONS - Bottom dimension (link pin tip to tip) is 32" (provided to make sure it will fit your 3-pt. bottom link width) - total height is 22" - total weight is 46lbs. - tubing sized for maximum log skidding strength. Please note: The 7/8" diameter lift arm and 3/4" top link pins supplied are CAT 1.
  • PLEASE NOTE: NEVER exceed your tractor’s listed weight capacity for your 3-point hitch.


Designed with hard-working people in mind, the MAXXTUFF 3-Point Log Skidder Deluxe is focused on simplicity when it comes to skidding logs, moving debris, and lifting heavy objects with your 3 point hitch! We've designed our skidder with the best strength to weight ratio, and with our unique lifting arm and grab hook design you can now easily skid logs, tops, or other things you need moved. With simple one-person attachment to your tractor, connect the included 3/8" chain, lift with your 3 point hitch, and go - and now we're including a free 2" receiver hitch! With this new improved design there’s no need to remove your log skidder when needing to tow other equipment. With our new receiver now included, this is the perfect multitool  for skidding logs, moving trailers, or lifting items! Weighing only 46lbs. and 22in. tall, this log skidder is effortless to assemble, use and store. 


  • Tube Size: 2.5" x 1/8" Wall
  • Total Height: 22"
  • Total Weight (without chain): 46lbs
  • 10' Grade 70 5/16" chain with grab hook Included
  • Supplied with Cat 1 Lift arm pins and 3/4" top link pin 
  • Bottom Measurement (Link pin tip to tip): 32"
  • Class III 2” Square Receiver Hitch Included
  • No tools , no drilling, no hassle
  • Powder Coated Steel
  • 2-year Warranty

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