Heavy-Duty Planter Box Bracket Kit

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  • EASY ASSEMBLY - MAXXTUFF Heavy Duty  Planter Box Bracket Kit is simple to use and assemble. Just buy any length 2x6 boards (2 per side) and assemble with the supplied wood screws.
  • CUSTOMIZEABLE - Make your planter box any size you want, just cut your 2x6's the length you prefer. The unique design captures your planted boards for a super-sturdy structure.
  • DURABLE - Brackets are galvanized steel for durability and may be painted.
  • DIMENSIONS - Backets are 11-1/8" tall inside, each flange is 4" and width of each flange is 2". You can leave a "gap" at the end of the bracket for shovel/hoe stand. If you want a planter box, this is a super easy way to make one.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Lumber NOT included!


This MAXXTUFF Planter Box Bracket Kit is a perfect addition to your gardening projects! The kit comes with galvanized steel brackets that can easily be attached to any 2x6 boards, allowing you to customize the length and width of your planter box. All necessary wood screws are included in the kit, so you have everything you need to assemble your planter box quickly and securely. Create the perfect planter for all your flowers, herbs, and vegetables with this kit from MAXXTUFF!


  • Brackets are designed for 2x6 pressure treated lumber
  • Brackets are 11-1/8” tall
  • Each flange is 4” tall and 2” wide
  • Lumber not included
  • Supplied with:
    • Corner brackets (4 each)
    • Wood screws (16 each)
  • Assembly Tools Required:
    • #2 Phillips screwdriver or battery drill-driver (recommended) 

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