Heavy-Duty Truck Receiver Fish Table

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  • CONVIENENT- Compact and foldable design makes for easy storage, transportation and setup once ready to use. 
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE - Perfect for anglers who want to clean their catch right at the fishing spot without the need for bulky equipment
  • DURABLE - Strong construction ensures stability and reliability during filleting tasks
  • SIMPLE SETUP - Easily attaches to your truck's receiver hitch for quick setup and use; works with the truck tailgate up or down
  • ALL INCLUDED - Install in seconds with all hardware included


Introducing the MAXXTUFF™ Truck Receiver Fillet Table, the ultimate accessory for anglers on the go. Crafted with convenience in mind, this innovative fillet table is designed to fit into your truck's receiver hitch, providing a sturdy and reliable surface for cleaning and filleting fish wherever your adventures take you. Its durable construction ensures longevity, withstanding the demands of outdoor use and big catches. The compact yet spacious design offers ample room for filleting fish of various sizes, while the built-in drainage slots ensure easy cleanup. Whether you're fishing by the lake, at the beach, or on a riverbank, the MAXXTUFF™ Truck Receiver Fillet Table ensures that you can prepare your catch with ease.


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