Heavy-Duty 25ft Garden Wire

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Perfect choice for securely tying trees, plants, vines, branches and flowers to lattices, fences, and other garden structures.
  • ADAPTABLE - Extremely flexible, so you can easily weave it around structures, use it for repairs and repurpose it for future projects.
  • SIMPLE - Easy to cut with standard garden tools, yet tough enough to stay put once you have secured it.
  • LONGEVITY - Rubber coating offers maximum protection and enhanced life expectancy
  • SAFE FOR PLANTS - Allows excellent air and sunlight penetration for optimal growth of plants


Get your outdoor greenery and flowers to stay where you want them with MAXXTUFF 25ft Gardening Wire. This strong and flexible wire is the perfect solution for tying trees, supporting plants, vines, branches, or flowers to lattices, fences, and other garden structures. Its versatility doesn’t end there – MAXXTUFF Gardening Wire is perfect for odd jobs around your property such as tying tools to your tractor or affixing a sign to a fence. Its superior quality ensures long-lasting performance and reusability. The gardening wire is made from coated rubber with a metal core for extra durability. Now you can trust your greenery to stay put, with MAXXTUFF 25ft Gardening Wire!

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